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Who we are...
Our aim is to enrich the lives of canine companions through access to a safe, social and educational centre, where you can feel confident that experienced professionals really care for your best furry friends.
Clare Mattern       Clare Manager and Canine Carer
Clare completed her Certificate 2 in Animal Studies with TasTAFE in 2015.
Her passion for animals began at a young age, dragging her mum to pet stores every chance she got.
Clare shares her life with two personality plus French Bulldogs and her teenage son.
Her ambition is to further her knowledge about pet health, behaviour and training whilst managing the daily fun and controlled chaos at Yours In Paws.  

 Canine Carer and Training Assistant
Jacinta has completed a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies and is a keen horse rider in her spare time, also enjoying helping others involved in show jumping competitions.
She devotes a lot of energy into caring for and training her beautiful adult Shepherd and Shepherd Puppy.
Jacinta is also assisting with our Beginners Training course.

Fiona Canine Carer
Fiona is a former Veterinary Nurse with  over 13 years experience.
Having completed Certificate 2 and 3 in Animal Studies, Certificate 4 in Small Business Management and a Nutritional Advisor Program makes her a great addition to our team. She arrives back to the workforce after taking time off to raise her two lovely daughters.

 Luke Canine Carer    
Luke comes from a career in childcare, which he jokes is very similar to caring for a big group of dogs, just a bit quieter!
He loves playing soccer and caring for disadvantaged children but especially enjoys all of the dogs antics and different personalities.      
Annette Canine Carer
Annette has completed her Certificate 3 in Animal Studies in 2016.
She has previously bred Shepherds and currently lives with two adult dogs and one of their pups along with two energetic human boys and their Dad.
We all wonder when she sleeps!  

Josh Junior Canine Carer
Josh is currently studying for his School Certificate and lives with an elderly dog who loves to just be himself and nap in the sun.
Josh hopes to pursue a career in electrical engineering but loves working with all of the characters that come to day care, especially the naughty ones.

Molly Canine Carer
+ Puppy Playschool Assistant
Molly is in her senior year at High School and has recently completed a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies with TasTAFE.
She has a crazy passion for Pugs and currently lives with two who give her more love...and trouble than she can handle. 

Michele Canine Carer
Michele moved to Australia from England and completed her Certificate 2 in Animal Studies
with TasTAFE. 
She has a big passion for German shepherds. having been brought up with them, and now shares her life with a beautiful young Shepherd.
Michele enjoys learning new techniques on how to communicate with our dogs and loves to watch them play at daycare and play dates. 

Emily Canine Carer
+ Puppy Playschool Assistant
Emily completed her Certificate 2 in Animal Studies while attending Launceston College.
Her ambition is to become a Veterinary Nurse after completing a Certificate 3 in Animal Studies with TasTAFE. 
She has always wanted to share her life with a dog, and has just started the journey with her new Rottweiler pup who is a constant source of entertainment and joy. 

Jayd Canine Carer
Jayd began working with us through his Certificate 2 in Animal Studies and
currently lives with a
lovely Heeler cross breed lady. 
He grew up with various breeds of dogs who taught him the joy of being loved and licked.
Jayd wishes to always work with animals in some capacity, often dog sitting for family, friends and work colleagues during weekends and holidays. 

We would love to meet you and your furry family,
so why not call in or phone us today?
We speak dog!
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