Yours In Paws Dog Day Care & Training - Fun for Furry Friends
 Would you like to learn how to effectively 
communicate with your dog?
We can teach you with conditioning and positive training methods that suit you and your dogs individual needs.
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Meet the Trainers at the bottom of this page.
Puppy Playschool
Next course begins on 16th of April 2018
Monday evenings
from 6.30 until 7.30pm.
Ages 10 to 20 weeks.
All weather venue. Cost $99.
4 week course conducted by a former Veterinary Nurse.
The course includes teaching your pup how to... 
Pay attention, Come when called, Walk on a lead,
Sit, Drop and Stay.
We also give you all of the relevant health and well-being information you need to begin a happy and healthy life
with your new addition to the family.
Limited places available. Bookings essential.
Beginners Training Classes
Next course begins 10th April 2018 
Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm until 7.30pm.
Ages from 5 months.
4 week course conducted by an experienced dog Trainer
and former Veterinary Nurse
 covering effective canine communication, 
loose lead walking, gate and door control, problem behaviors, socialisation for mature dogs and more.
All weather venue. Cost $99.
Limited places available. Bookings essential.
In Your Home Training.
Our Trainers can help you and your dog
with any behavior issues and advice.
Call today to see how we can help you.

Meet the Trainers...

Jill Puppy Playschool Teacher
Jill is a former Veterinary Nurse who has over 10 years experience sharing people's journeys with their pups and teaching them simple ways to communicate effectively. This can help their pups grow into happy, healthy and pleasant members of the community. She shares her life with two herding breeds who were the inspiration for the Yours In Paws facility and a new kelpie puppy.

Liana Beginners Course + In Home Trainer
Liana is former Veterinary Nurse who has been involved in dog training for over 15 years. She has received a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies and Vet Learn Certificate in Animal Behaviour.
Her positive reinforcement methods have helped countless people and their furry friends to be attentive and lovely companions.
She lives with a wide assortment of animals including a Kelpie, a Golden Retriever and many Smithfields of varying ages on a large rural property. 

Monique In Home Trainer
Monique has been involved in dog training and behaviour since 2008 becoming a Master Trainer through her studies in 2013.
She is currently involved in helping ex service men and women train a full time companion dog to help with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
She lives with an adult Collie cross and a Border Collie pup who also help with her clients needs.

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