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A few comments from our happy clients and furry friends....
  • My beagle Sacha just had her first day at Yours in Paws and I have to say, I haven't been more impressed by a business (of any kind) in years! What a loving, professional, safe, and fun environment. Sacha has really bad separation anxiety (not so much from me but in solitude) and I can't tell you how priceless it is to me to know she is having a blast rather than stressing
                                 and/or destroying something at home.
     I can't wait to get her in a regular routine of a few days a week at YIP!
Thank you. xo Alison and Sacha

  • My children and I were fortunate to be told about the fabulous puppy school that 'Yours In Paws' offers. Jillian is one of the most approachable ladies we have ever met. No question was left unanswered. Our puppy Jessie has become a wonderful part of our family thanks to the training techniques learnt from Jillian. We now have a puppy who comes when called, sits, drops and stays!! The facilities are fantastic and the after school service is second to none. We all enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next course. Thanks so much. You are amazing!
The Gray Family

  • As soon as we drive into Churchill Park Drive, Lola is up at the window with a grin on her face ready to start her fun day! I love dropping Lola off at YIPS because I know she will have an absolute blast and be well cared for by the fantastic staff. They are always happy to see Lola and treat her as if she was one of their own. When I collect Lola at the end of the day she is asleep by the time we turn out of the driveway. Jillian is always available to answer any queries I have which is reassuring as a first time dog owner. Treat your furry friend to an amazing day. You won't regret it!
Alissa and Lola
  • Harry has the best time at YIPs! How wonderful that I can be at work and know that Harry is having a ball with his buddies (and people friends). When I pick him up he is so worn out that sometimes he needs help to get out of the car when we get home. We miss his usual antics in the evening, but rest assured knowing he has loved playing all day. Harry also had his first birthday party at Yours In Paws with friends that he made  there. It was the BEST PARTY EVER! Thankyou Jillian and all at Yours In Paws, you are all fabulous with Harry. We are lucky to have you and YIP.
Kirsty, Holly and Harry xx
  • I cannot thank Yours In Paws (in particular, Monique) enough for the training they have given to both myself and Bundy. I inherited this little dog that, due to being severely mistreated as a pup, he displayed high levels of aggression towards people in almost every situation. After just 3 sessions with Monique I am now able to have people in my home, take him in the car with me and go for walks almost every day. The results have been unbelievable! The small investment that I made getting this help for Bundy has made such a huge change in our lives. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommendng their training services.
 Janet and Bundy
  • When we got our Husky puppy we were recommemnded to take her to Yours In Paws. It was the best decision we made for her. It gave her the extra exercise she needed, great social skills and heaps of new friends. We also took her to both of their training courses and it did wonders for her behaviour. She walks like a gem on lead which Huskies tend to have difficulty with! I certainly suggest to everyone to take their puppy/dog to Yours In Paws as the people are great and it is awesome for your furry best friend. 
Nicole & Aaron         
  • Basil just had his first day in care... he can't come to the computer right now because he is busy sleeping. This makes his mum VERY happy! For a dog with separation anxiety, he didn't seem too worried to be left to play with some wonderful new friends and obviously great staff. He forgot mum existed as soon a he went through the door. Watching him say goodbye to the staff at the end of the day confirmed just how great they are and how much he adored being with them.
     Thanks so much YIPs for such a positive experience for both of us.           Peace of mind  is priceless... as is a tired JRT.
 Di Anderson
  • Our Bella loves day care so much, it's the only time she will jump out of the car by herself! The staff are wonderful and helpful with any query we may have. Keep up the good work and we could not recommend you more highly.
Sue, Rob and Bella the staffy :)
  • Our girl Sammi gets so excited when we turn into Gleadow Street. She can't wait to get through the door. Sammi is a little sable Sheltie who gets on with every dog she meets and just can't get enough of Yours In Paws. I left Sammi with her furry friends four days a week when my partner Dorothea was in hospital. Knowing how well Sammi was cared for took a huge load off our minds. Now, we can leave her while we do business in town and know that she will run, make new friends and be tuckered out for the evening. What a fabulous business! Sammi says WOOF!
Phil and Dorothea Lohrey
  • Zues, my red Heeler has been going to daycare for a while now, and from a dog that was really anxious and not that keen on other dogs or people, he is doing great and loves going to hang out with Jillian and the crew. Such a great setup and they take great care of your furkids :)
Trish Tolond
  • Hugo and Rufus needed some playtime while our renovations happened. Thanks to the team at YIPs for providing such a great, safe and fun place for our boys to play during the day. We could not recommend them more highly!
Peter and Carley Rogers
  • I was so thrilled to find out Launceston finally had a doggy day care when I brought my new puppy home in February 2011. Kate has been a regular member of Yours In Paws since she was 4 months old and it has really helped keep her socialisation with other dogs on the right track.
     In August 2011, 3yr old Belle came to live with us too. Both girls get so excited and    love day care so much, seeing all of their friends, two and four legged alike.
     It is very comforting to know that my dogs are under the care of experienced, knowledgeable and capable people in an impeccably clean facility with great entertainment and safe toys and equipment.
     Many thanks to Jill and the gang at YIPS!
 Jan Collett
  • Working some long days, I am so thankful to know that Harvey is at Day Care having an absolute ball!! Not only has it been brilliant for Harvey's  social interaction with other dogs, but the girls are also providing training while he is there. He finally 'got' toilet training, no longer trys to dart out of the gate when I leave and is now learning not to jump on people when they arrive :).
                  The pick up and delivery service is fantastic, Harvey gets so  excited when Anne comes through the gate, knowing he is going  to get to hang out with his mates and the lovely ladies at Yours In Paws.
      Thankyou all!
Penelope Hickman
  • I did not think I would ever see Ollie happy to leave me, but since going to Yours In Paws he runs in without looking back. He has a wonderful play time, coming home a very tired and happy dog.
              Thankyou Jill and all the team.
Andreina French
  • On behalf of Shani and Ned, Loretta and Nic would like to thank Jillian and her capable carers for meeting the individual needs of our dogs. Shani, the shaggy hair, in your face labradoodle, who comes home absolutely worn out after making the most of her opportunity to play non stop! Ned, our shy, timid homebody is learning to trust other people and dogs so the world is not so traumatic for him. Even though Ned has not been attending day care for long, his nervousness is becoming noticeably less.
   Thankyou all!
Loretta and Nic McCarthy.

  • I wouldn't leave my baby boy with anyone else! Jet LOVES his new friends and the staff. I can't recommend or praise Yours In Paws highly enough.
The Newsum family.
  • We thought it would be a good idea to send our 10 month old Staffy to Yours In Paws to meet new friends and she loved it! Ruby loved interacting with other dogs whilst being well looked after. At the end of the day Yours In Paws staff drove her home. This service is comforting for us because we now know we can leave Ruby in daycare when we need to and not have to stress about leaving her at home alone. Thankyou Yours In Paws
 T. Bowerman
  • Our Cairn Terrier, Ruff, loves to go along and play with his friends at Yours In Paws. He had a great time learning at Puppy Training and recently enjoyed a bath and trim with Jillian (he looks great!)
            Thanks so much.
H Latham
  • Ruby (the husky) has been attending puppy day care since the centre opened in November 2010. As soon as we turn into Gleadow Street she gets so excited. Ruby can't wait to get through the door, she absolutely loves it! I know when I drop her off she is going to be well cared for by the wonderful staff and have a fantastic time with the other dogs. It is a wonderful facility.
Linda Warren
  • The one thing we all missed on moving from Melbourne was a Doggy Day Care for Frankie J, so we were delighted when Yours In Paws opened in November 2010. FJ comes home rounded, grounded, happy and tired from a day spent with his mates and care givers. We feel that the experience is essential for his continued health and wellbeing. Frankie is an integral part of our family unit and as such we appreciate the love, care and attention provided by Jillian and her staff.
            We have no hesitation in recommending Yours In Paws.....
            Come on, try it- it's not just for pampered pooches.
Linda, Peter and Frankie J (Golden)
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